Ren Yagami

Ren Yagami is a Kinbaku expert, part of the younger generation Kinbaku masters. He is the creator of the Yagamu style or Yagamy Ryu of Kinbaku. High-level Aikidoka and student of Nawashi Kanna, he is also one of the very few artists to have studied in Torinawa (the martial art from which the shibari is derived) and to practice self-suspension.

Yagami Ren, born on 18 May 1984, showed sadistic tendencies from a very young age. He had his first SM sexual experience while still in junior high school.

When he was 17, he was deeply impressed by the rope of Nawashi Kanna and was inspired to start learning Kinbaku. His technique was developed at a brisk pace, expanding his interest in SM.

In 2011, he became a formal apprentice to Nawashi Kanna [note: Nawashi Kanna retired from the rope scene from 2005 to the end of 2010 ] and became a professional Kinbaku master, taking part in various events.

In 2012 After recovering from severe, life threatening, illness he amicably parted with Nawashi Kanna and started to trace his own route.

In 2013, he became more active in the adult video market, live shows, magazines. And he started to develop the Yagami Ryu (Yagami style) – ” 体を縛り、流れを結ぶ ” Karada o shibari nagare o musubu” ” tie the body to establish a connection/flow” – a style that incorporated some of the techniques learned from his extensive Aikido training, into his style of Kinbaku, thus creating a Yagami style of Hojojutsu.

One of his favorite mottoes is 「責縛」”sekibaku” / ” sensual rope beautiful tie “/ tying a girl in an obscene way to show her seductive power and force out her hidden internal Eros.

As described above, Yagami Ryu is not so much Shibari (art of tying) as a pure aesthetic art form but as a practice deeply grounded in Eros and sex.

In that sense, the Yagami Ryu also teaches that ” even without rope one can tie and enjoy SM”

In 2014 , Yagami Ren established the Yagami Juku as the place ( dojo ) to teach the Yagami Ryu Kinbaku and helps its dissemination.

The elements of Yagami Ryu include Kinbaku techniques, Hojojutsu techniques, body techniques and are possibly hard to remember but it often reaches its goal of inducing a trance for the person being tied.