FredRx in Bulgaria

За Българската версия – тук

For first time in Bulgaria or East Europe, we will have the privilege to welcome the world renowned american rigger FredRx. He will be our guest on 29th and 30th of September for two day Shibari/Kinbaku intensive, covering all proficiency levels.

For most people FredRx have no need of introduction, but even so:

A rigger and photographer. Charismatic and attractive as a person.

FredRx is proficient tutor, able to translate the complex material in simple and understandable way, considering with the knowledge levels of every single one.

He have studied under some of the biggest Shibari masters.

His own, unique, style is a mixture of traditional Japanese bondage with his own chaotic primal nature, combined with striving for constant improvement and experiments.

FredRx can hardly be bound in any category or stereotypes, the same can be said and for his way of tying.

He is not a teacher that will give you a rope and tell you: “Now tie in this exact way!”.

No! With strict attention to the detail, he will try to build the basic skills needed for you to upgrade yourself. He will help you to find your own way in building the tie you are trying to learn.

With deep understanding for safety techniques, FredRx will show you tie with feeling, how to communicate with your partner trough the ropes, how to use your own movement to change the position of the model and how to achieve the desired reaction.

To be creative using the ropes and to create only with ropes – this is one of the main goals for which he strives for.

His main objective is to inspire people, to tempt the curiosity, to provoke them to experiment, to find and develop their own style.

Trough the workshop, FredRx finds time for everyone – finds time to clear with everyone issues and things not understood.

His presentation is equally interesting and educational for everybody – new and experienced alike.

With his remarkable sense of humor and readiness to answer any and all questions, his workshops are one of a kind experience.  But don’t be mistaken – this two day intensive will make be a lot of work.

The group will be limited to 20 people or 10 couples.

If you want to see some unabridged and uncensored comments from the people he have tutored – FredRx have a special place in his profile where he publishes them –


Expect complete schedule of the workshop!



FrеdRx in Bulgaria – September 29 – 30

Two days intensive Shibari/Kinbaku workshop.

Place: Sofia, Fabrika 126, 126 “Maria Luiza” bul.

Time: 11:00 to 17:00 with 1 hour launch brake.

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